Cyberia introducing the new ADSL range “CyberSMART”

CyberSMART is our latest range of new ADSL plans providing you for the first time, with both the full speed capacity of your landline and unlimited* Internet access. As part of our commitment to cater to the latest trends and offer the best Internet quality experience, we have developed four different plans tailored to varying user needs and based on your personal preferences.

All CyberSMART plans are unique, affordable, market-responsive and most importantly, they are SMART.
* FUP(Fair Usage Policy) applies

The ADSL home broadband delivers a high speed Internet service that answers your needs. With ADSL Internet from Cyberia, you can easily keep in touch with friends, check the weather forecast, publish your articles, watch your favorite TV shows, exchange images, movies and files, shop online or search for all sorts of information.

Cyberia offers a wide range of Residential Capped and Uncapped ADSL plans up to 8Mbps.

Plans & Prices

  Plan Down Speed Monthly Usage Price
  4M 4Mbps 15 GB 30 GB
18,000 LBP
  4M 4Mbps 40 GB
24,000 LBP
  4M 4Mbps 50 GB
29,000 LBP
  4M 4Mbps 70 GB
38,000 LBP
  FS FullSpeed 50 GB
30,000 LBP
  FS FullSpeed 100 GB
45,000 LBP
  FS FullSpeed 120 GB
50,000 LBP
  FS FullSpeed 150 GB
60,000 LBP
  FS FullSpeed 200 GB
70,000 LBP
  1M 1Mbps 2Mbps Unlimited 35,000 LBP
  2M 2Mbps 4Mbps Unlimited 61,000 LBP
  6M 6Mbps Unlimited 91,000 LBP
 Unlimited Evening (7:00 pm - 07:00 am)
   All none-unlimited Plans with 70GB or more 12,000 LBP

 Unlimited Night Service (11:00 pm - 07:00 am)
   For 4Mbps & FullSpeed plans 6,000 LBP

Note: All the above prices are for a 30 days subscription period and are subject to VAT (11%)

The throughput for each plan is up to the line speed determined by a technical feasibility. The monthly usage is the sum of the uploaded and downloaded traffic.
Unlimited plans and services are subject to Fair Use Policy
P: 01-744 101
P: 01-594 575