3G by Cyberia is currently the one of the fastest mobile broadband connection in Lebanon. Using a 3G USB dongle, a 3G WiFi router or any 3G enabled device, the service will connect you to the Internet at speeds up to 7.2 or 21 Mbps, anytime and almost everywhere. The service can be activated in less than 24 hours and is tailored to the needs of users who require an immediate, fast and portable connection.

Cyberia offers 30 and 90 days subscriptions.

3G Plans and Prices

Plan Price Validity Extra MByte*
500 MB 16,000 LBP 30 Days 100 LBP / MB
1.5 GB 29,000 LBP 30 Days 100 LBP / MB
4 GB** 76,000 LBP 90 Days 100 LBP / MB
7 GB** 122,000 LBP 90 Days 100 LBP / MB

Note :   The above prices do not include the 10% VAT

For prepaid services, if you consume your monthly traffic, you need to activate a new 30 days prepaid card with a plan of your choice.

* Applies for Postpaid services on consumption above package.
** Applies only for Prepaid plans.

SIM Card

SIM Card Type Description

Price (One Time)

Regular SIM Card to use with 3G modem or 3G enabled device 9,000 LBP
Micro SIM Card to use with a 3G enabled tablet 9,000 LBP

The SIM card remains valid for 6 months from the date of last use.


Bundle Price Validity
3G SIM + MiFi + 4 GB 150,000 LBP 90 Days
3G SIM + Dongle + 1.5 GB 38,000 LBP 30 Days


  1. USB Dongle     (45,000 LBP)
    Aircard 3G USB modem with a micro SD slot

  2. MiFi Router     (75,000 LBP)
    A battery operated mobile WiFi 3G router

Note: All the above prices are for a 30 days subscription period and are subject to VAT (11%)

P: 01-744 101
E: sales@cyberia.net.lb
P: 01-594 575
E: support@cyberia.net.lb