VDSL or Very High bit rate Digital Subscriber Line is a broadband technology delivering high speed Internet over “short distance” copper Phone lines with speeds up to 50 Mbps.

By installing the network equipment near your neighborhood’s phone cabinet and connecting it back to the Central Office over a Fiber Optic Cable, we can shorten the copper part of the phone line to distances ranging between 100 and 400 meters, allowing your VDSL modem to deliver unprecedented speeds.

With VDSL, you can enjoy a fast Internet allowing everyone at home to download files and games updates in very little time, watch online videos and movies, stream music, play your popular online games, connect and chat with the family and friends while seeing them, send and receive e-mails and browse the Internet, all at the same time.

To subscribe to Cyberia VDSL services, you need to have a fixed phone line (landline) and fill in Cyberia’s application form.

Open Speed


  • 685,000 LBP 110 GB
  • 1,075,000 LBP 170 GB
  • 1,350,000 LBP 220 GB
  • 1,800,000 LBP 300 GB
  • 2,150,000 LBP 400 GB
  • 2,525,000 LBP 500 GB
  • 1,575,000 LBP / CyberSMART Gamer
  • 1,890,000 LBP / CyberSMART Streamer
  • 2,325,000 LBP / CyberSMART Net Addict
New subscribers benefit from a special offer and get the modem and one month free for $18 set-up fees only! (VAT Included)
Extra Traffic:
  • 25,000 LBP / extra GB


  • Above indicated Speeds are "Up To" based on your location and the quality of your copper phone line
  • All plans are subject to Fair Use Policy
  • All prices are subject to 11% VAT
  • An additional 5% collection fee will be added to bank domiciliation
  • Unlimited Night and Unlimited Evening can be added to the 110 GB plans or higher
  • The USD price will be converted to LBP based on daily black market rate.
Benefit from a Cablevision TV subscription
Convenient Subscription Payment Methods

You may choose one of the below convenient payment methods:

P: 01-744 101
E: broadband@cyberia.net.lb
P: 04-727 575
E: support@cyberia.net.lb