Full Speed & Unlimited
40,000 LBP / Month

Being an economy plan by design, this plan suits small families, couples, or singles with a moderate Internet consumption, allowing you to enjoy a fast and unlimited Internet for general browsing without breaking the bank!

Full Speed & Unlimited
55,000 LBP / Month

This plan will allow more browsing on all your social media platforms and many other apps including moderate streaming and gaming. If you feel like socializing from the comfort of your home or sharing your favorite videos with your friends, this plan has got you covered!

Full Speed & Unlimited
68,000 LBP / Month

Looking for low latency, low ping, zero packet loss and a stable connection for your online gaming? This plan is your ally. Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned gamer, your gaming experience will be prioritized while ensuring that your family members are enjoying their Internet needs as well.

Full Speed & Unlimited
81,000 LBP / Month

This ultimate plan is our state-of-the-art creation, offering unlimited streaming to all your family with no buffering whatsoever. Say goodbye to that irritating loading sign! Whether you are a YouTube fan or a Netflix addict, you will now be able to enjoy your favorite apps with the high-resolution quality picture you always desired.


  • What is the monthly quota of CyberSMART plans?
    CyberSMART plans are Unlimited; however they are ruled by a Fair Use Policy.
    You can check the Fair Use Policy on the following link www.cyberia.net.lb/adsl_fup.html
  • What is the speed I can get?
    CyberSMART will make use of the full speed capabilities of your line. However the speed will be distributed across applications in order to provide you with the ultimate Internet experience.
  • Can I always switch back to regular old plans?
    Yes, you can switch back to the regular plans as of the next cycle. (Change Speed process required if you are switching back to 2Mbps or 4 Mbps)
  • What’s the difference between the FullSpeed plans and CyberSMART?
    In terms of data cap, CyberSMART is Unlimited. In terms of speed, the FullSpeed plans may allow in some cases one application to consume the whole bandwidth available while CyberSMART distributes the available bandwidth across several applications in order to provide the best experience based on the selected plan.
  • What would be the difference between regular plans and the Gamer plan for an online gamer?
    All regular and CyberSMART plans would work for online gaming. However, this plan is designed to provide Online Gaming addicts with the ultimate gaming experience using a SMART setup, that will also take into consideration the other Internet needs of the Gamers themselves and the rest of their family members.

Note: All prices are subject to 11% VAT
All plans are subject to Fair Use Policy
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