Fiberia is the latest and fastest Internet access solution that Cyberia is introducing to the market. Fiberia delivers to both corporate and residential customers a reliable Internet connection with unprecedented speeds reaching 300Mbps.

The new solution, also known as Fiber to The Home or FTTH will answer all your current and future high bandwidth needs, both for downloads or uploads, allowing you to connect all of your devices at home simultaneously while enjoying high definition streaming quality and uploading your photos and videos in seconds or minutes. Simply put, Fiberia will allow you to do a lot more in much less time.

By switching to Fiberia, you will benefit from uninterrupted Internet services that are not susceptible to nearby electrical interference and less subject to distance attenuation since they use light signals for data transmission, thus offering the following benefits:

Plans and Prices

Plans Price Validity Starting Speed
50 GB 31,000 LBP 30 Days 50Mbps
100 GB 46,000 LBP 30 Days 50Mbps
200 GB 69,000 LBP 30 Days 50Mbps
300 GB 75,000 LBP 30 Days 50Mbps
400 GB 100,000 LBP 30 Days 50Mbps
500 GB 120,000 LBP 30 Days 50Mbps
600 GB 146,000 LBP 30 Days 50Mbps
750 GB 182,000 LBP 30 Days 50Mbps
1000 GB 240,000 LBP 30 Days 50Mbps

*Unlimited Night is an optional feature, available between 23:00 and 07:00 for an extra 36,000 LBP

Extra Traffic Over Consumption:
  • Postpaid customer: 1,000 LBP/GB (Capping Option Available)
  • Prepaid customer: 1,500 LBP/GB
FTTH setup includes:
  • Installation
  • The required fiber modem
  • 1 Month free
Please call 1282 for FTTH setup fees.

Note :  
All prices are subject to VAT

P: 04-727 575
P: 01-594 575