iFlyPlus is the latest addition to Cyberia’s wireless Internet connectivity solutions that allows you to:


Plans & Prices

Plan Down Speed Monthly Usage
(up & down)
Monthly Fees
2M - 40gb up to 2Mbps 40 GB 46,000 LBP
2M - 75gb up to 2Mbps 75 GB 76,000 LBP
2M - 150gb up to 2Mbps 150 GB 160,000 LBP

Unlimited night Traffic from 12:00 midnight till 6:00 am
(Subject to the Fair Use Policy)

Note: All the above prices are for a 30 days subscription period and are subject to VAT (11%)
P: 01-744 101
E: sales@cyberia.net.lb
P: 01-594 575
E: support@cyberia.net.lb